About Me

My name is Ian Permana.
And i’m from INDONESIA.

I have really enjoyed drawing for a long time. I’ve tried studying a couple of diffrent subject at collage, including informatics engineering and then visual communication design, but neither of these courses worked for me. I then started to explore the world of motion graphics, 3D, and website developher, however this did not suit me either. Through all of these i struggled to find a style of creation that i felt at one with. Eventually, i decided to take drawing more seriously and try to make career out of it. Even though i had become oversaturated with certain types of drawing i had encountered in my studies and career so far, I was determined to discover a style of drawing that felt right and that i enjoyed. I know that hard work does betray result. That’s what keep me trying and trying to be more productive. I have now finaly found what i want to do and am happy focusing on being a freelance illustrator.

But what is it about drawing that made me so determined to ensure it was part of my career? Drawing allows me to express stories, fantasies, and feelings visually. and i adore exploring the potential of imagination to create my own world. Through sketching, i can visualize anywhere and use anything or anyone. These is only my freedom and nothing else.